Steam Distilled Drinking Water & Water Security


Mimicking Nature’s Hydrological Cycle, evaporation, condensation and precipitation, it is the single-most-effective broad-spectrum core method of water purification; the only treatment process that first boils the raw water then condenses the pure steam to form very high purity water.

Nature’s Hydrologic Cycle; a huge non-barrier, solar thermal-cycle that produces copious quantities of rainwater pure rainwater.

1 Evaporation
2 Condensation
3 Precipitation
99.99% pure drinking water

Steam Distillation Method has three distinct advantages over barrier methods.

  1. the contaminated water undergoes prolonged boiling, thus killing contaminants.
  2. a phase change from liquid (water) to vapor (steam) occurs, leaving virtually all contaminants in the boiling water.
  3. a sizeable air-gap between the surface of the water and the condensed steam-distilled water.

Barrier Methods of Water Purification (filtration)
Traditional barrier methods of water purification (various filters and reverse osmosis) consist of a physical “barrier” placed into the water stream. This barrier, held in place with o-rings and seals, removes the contaminants from the raw water and only allows “filtered water” through.

 Raw water containing contaminants meet the barrier which is designed to remove certain contaminants and allow “filtered-water” through. The contaminants can either build up at, or in the barrier or some can be “back-washed” and flushed down the drain.

If biological agents are introduced into the water and contaminate pipes, they may migrate through the barrier through fissures, channels or around seals, and into the consumable water. As a result, the barrier itself is rendered unusable.

In an emergency or a bio-terrorism attack on the water supplies, the water, the incoming pipes, and the barrier will all become contaminated.

The barrier will be rendered useless and assuming there is awareness of the attack, the water line would be shut down. In the event the attack has gone unnoticed, water passing through a contaminated barrier will be consumed.

Where a steam-distillation system has been installed, the water, incoming water line and the water in the boiling chamber are contaminated, but the steam-distilled water will be safe to drink.


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