AquaNui 12G


Original price was: $2,648.00.Current price is: $2,495.00.

Monthly Payments as Low as $60

AquaNui 12G is perfect for large families and offices. Like all AquaNuis, it’s made of durable, American, stainless steel. The AquaNui 12G water distiller produces 1 gallon of pure distilled drinking water every 2 hours. You chose your storage tank size — 5, 10 or 15 gal. — but we recommend the 15 gal. storage tank for this unit.

Stainless steel and built to last, the 10G produces 10 gallons every day.

Great for growing families and businesses.

We recommend the 10 gal. storage tank, but you have the option of 5 and 15 gal. storage tanks based on your needs. Prices vary.

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Made in the USA of durable, American, stainless steel; 15-year limited warranty — a 2-year full warranty on electrical parts.

Width: 12.75”
Depth: 12”
Height: 38” with 5 gal. Storage Tank;
45” with 10 gal. Storage Tank;
53” with 15 gal. Storage Tank


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