30 Reasons why YOU should own a Pure Water™ distiller

  1. Made by the world leader in the design & manufacture of water distillation systems!! We started out as number 1, and we’re still number 1!!!
  2. A plentiful supply of purified water! Pure Water Distilled Drinking Water Systems provide enough water for all of your family’s CONSUMABLE needs. You wouldn’t think of making soups, coffee, or pasta in bottled water, but you should! Whatever goes into your body has a direct affect your family’s health.
  3. ABSOLUTE convenience! Distilled water at your fingertips!! No heavy bottles to lift or carry! No waiting for deliverymen! Take your own bottled water to work, the health club, or on family trips!!
  4. Consistent purity year after year! Our units provide consistently pure water glass after glass, week after week, and year after year! Other treatment methods can’t say that!
  5. A HUGE number of satisfied customers! Hundred’s of thousands of customers, hundreds of US Embassy’s, and countless doctors and nutritionist’s can’t be wrong!!
  6. Made in the USA! All of our products are made at our headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska by the best workers in the world!!
  7. Superior workmanship! We are still the industry leader for one reason, we love what we do, and that shows through in our excellent workmanship. Our systems are built to last for more than 15 years!!
  8. Superior Design! We focus our thirty years of practical experience in designing attractive, extremely durable, and easy to use distillers.
  9. Celebrating our 30th YEAR Anniversary!! We have the experience, know-how and credibility to offer the best products and service in the industry.
  10. Excellent customer service! We want you to be happy with the company and our product for at least the next 15 years!!
  11. Exclusive 15 year warranty!!* Due to our superior design, components and workmanship, we stand behind all of our household distillation systems with an exclusive 15 YEAR WARRANTY!!*
  12. All Pure Water systems use distillation! Distillation is the single-most effective water treatment method! It is the only process that boils the water, and uses the pure steam.
  13. Made with heavy-gauge Stainless steel!! Our units are built to last!
  14. A health change your family will stick with!! Health clubs, exercise equipment, and diets are difficult changes to get your family to stick with because they all require a change in your lifestyle. With a Pure Water Distiller you are a making a positive change, without making a change in your lifestyle.
  15. Less expensive than bottled water!! Since your own bottled water is so inexpensive, you won’t have to ration your purified water like you did with your bottled water. That means that you should feel comfortable using it for all of your family’s consumable needs.
  16. Make your own bottled water!! Take your own bottled water to the club, work or on a trip.
  17. A wise investment!! After years of buying bottled water, what do you have to show for it? Nothing!! When you own a distiller, your investment continues to pay for itself many times over!
  18. Environmentally friendly! Do you know how many bottles of water you can throw away in a month? With a Pure Water distiller there is no more throw-aways!
  19. Simple operation & maintenance! Very easy to operate and maintain, so you can spend more time doing what you want to do!
  20. The highest quality components! The best equipment needs the best components!!
  21. Great Taste!! Your family will love the clean, refreshing taste of distilled water, and because of the taste they will most likely drink more water! That’s what you want isn’t it?
  22. Our distillation systems don’t waste water!! All Pure Water distillation systems are AIR-COOLED, which means that you won’t waste a tremendous amount of cooling water down the drain!!
  23. Uses normal household current (110v). Allows for simple installation virtually anywhere.
  24. Self-sterilizing feature! An extremely important feature which uses steam to keep your storage tank clean and sanitized.
  25. Be the first person on your block to have a Pure Water Distiller! Someday they will have one too, but you’ll reap the benefits now!
  26. Pure Water Brandwas the first distillation company. Founded in 1968, Pure Water Brandwas the first company to specialize in high-quality home distillation systems for drinking water!!
  27. Experts recommend distilled water for all your consumable needs!! Thousands of doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors, athletes and moms recommend distilled water!
  28. Prepare yourself for emergency situations!! In emergency situations safe drinking water can be scarce. Pure distilled water can be stored for emergencies such as hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, power outages and eartquakes.
  29. The best protection available against biological contaminants! Not only do we boil the water, we take the pure steam and cool it back down into water, thus the pure water never touches the raw water!! (While other processes try to remove contaminants from the water, distillation removes the pure water from the contaminants!! This is a very important distinction!)
  30. Duplicates Mother Nature’s method! Mother Nature’s primary purification method is called the hydrologic cycle, in which water evaporates, condenses into clouds, then falls to the earth as pure H2O! Distillation evaporates the water, condenses it, and gets droplets of pure H2O!


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